22 Nov

Staging issues shouldn’t be a concern when planning an outdoor show or concert. Currently, the most common stage options are small decks that can be carried by one person and Trailer Stage that are set up mechanically. Your event can be more successful using a mobile stage instead of a traditional riser stages.

Safety is paramount when it comes to Mobile Stages

Safety is everyone’s first concern when it comes to events. A mobile stage ensures the security of your stage production. Mobile stages from sinoswan can withstand winds up to 110 mph, allowing them to remain standing during a hurricane. Wind resistance can be achieved without ballast or ground anchors. Also, the roof can safely support heavy loads such as lighting and sound equipment.

Setup Time is less in Mobile Concert Stage

The area must be cleared rapidly after attendees leave certain events, such as street festivals, where there is very little time for setup before the event begins. It can take hours or days to set up and take down traditional deck stages and roof systems. These smaller mobile stages take less than 45 minutes to arrive at a site and get set up. You can keep stagehand labor costs to a minimum as a result. A mobile stage is the only solution if there are time restrictions at the site or venue.

Promotional Banners

Large banners can be easily hung on all mobile stages. A promotional banner makes an event more memorable and impactful. As an added bonus, you can sell sponsorships through them easily. Banners don’t require any additional structures compared to a traditional stage setup. In addition, banners are included in the wind rating for mobile stages! The backdrop of a colorful banner enhances the appearance of any stage.

Small Footprint

Outrigger legs and ground anchors are often necessary around stage roofs. With a stage size of 24 by 20 feet, sinoswan SL-100 requires no outriggers or guy lines. This allows the audience to sit close without obstructing their sightlines. Since there is no ballast blocking the side areas, you can fill them with vendors or tour buses. Can you set up a city street that has two lanes without blocking the sidewalk? A mobile stage does not have this problem.

Sinoswan mobile stages manufactures

Make sure your Mobile stage is high-quality and suitable for your venue, audience size, and practical needs. With their easy-to-use features and multi-purpose functionality, Sinoswan offers event professionals the best return on investment.

Which stage company is best for you?

  1. Sinoswan.com has the great value and a sleek design of mobile stages.
  2. We have a spotless safety record
  3. All Sinoswan stages purchased from us come with a free one-day training session at our facility
  4. Any of our stages can be set up in an hour by 2-4 people

What is the location of Sinoswan?

There is no doubt that “everywhere” is the right answer! We have mobile stages at the following locations:

  1. Fundraisers
  2. Graduation
  3. Political rallies
  4. Festivals and concerts in the open air
  5. Taking part in sporting events and tailgating
  6. Running events, fairs, and more

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